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New Arrival
Outdoor Metal Laminated Film QUV For 6000 Hours
IFFA TT Aluminum Composite Panel  is abbreviated as TT Film, it is made up by special co-extrusive polyester film and specific formulated paint from CCH.  Aluminum composite panel printing Film is possessed of good adhesiveness, the flexibility, and has the outstanding anti-UV, anti-chemical, anti-scratch, dirt-proof and weather-proof characteristics.  The process to decorate metal material is simple, and integrates coating and lamination.  The finished products with brilliant visual effect usually accompany additional value, and the film material is green, no-toxic, and no halogen even can be used for food containers, with the extreme possibility to replace PVC or PVDF ,not only in the area of aluminum composite panel , but also in the area of pre-painted galvanized coils , Click here for more information