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Water Transfer Printing Film
    CCH is a professional printing factory which has specialized in surface design and coating method for over 30 years, such as graphic design, liquid painting, powder coating, and screen printing. Now we provide various kinds of IFFA surface decoration film and IFFA transfer printing film
1.Water Transfer Printing Film
    A. Water Transfer Printing
    B. 3D Printing (3D Coating)
    C. Cubic Printing (Cubic Coating)
    D.Hydrographic Printing (Fluid Imaging)
    E. Immersion Printing (Dipping)
    F. 水轉印膜
    G. 立體曲面批覆
2.Pre-painted galvanized
3.sublimation printing film
4.Base coat with Heat transfer printing
5. Thermoform Transfer Printing Film
    A. Heat Transfer Printing Film
6. In-Mold Forming Film (ET Film)
7. Metal Lamination Film (TT Film)
8. Waterproof & Breathable Film
    A. Waterproof & Breathable Film Fabric
Real Cases by IFFA Thermal Transfer Printing Film
IFFA Heat Transfer Printing Film Now you can let your imagination come true on houses, offices, temples, and even interior decoration by weather-resist  !