IFFA water transfer printing is also called hydrographics, cubic printing, fluid imaging, hydro dipping or immersion printing. It is a process of applying printed designs to curved surfaces or three-dimensional materials. Water transfer printing is widely applied to plastic, however, it can also be used on glass, metal, woods, and various other materials. Different from water transfer sticker, made of release paper or film with ink, water transfer printing film is made of water soluble film with ink. The ink floats in water after the film dissolved and becomes active after coating or spraying the activator. Dip the substrate into the water to be printed with the floating ink then the pattern will curve the substrate well by water pressure. In the end, rinse off the remaining residue and dry and apply clear coat on the printed substrate to get finished product.

Compared to water transfer sticker, good at logo designs, water transfer printing film is good at continuous designs. Since 1992, IFFA (Cheng Chang Hsing) has offered more than 2,000 patterns and updates every year. We showcase most popular 500 common patterns and divide them into 4 categories including camouflage(CA), designer(CD), wood texture(CW) and stone grains(CS). In addition to common patterns, IFFA can help develop custom patterns.