Prototype (Safer Choice Before Custom Cylinders Development)

In the process of custom cylinders development, there is always difference between hardcopy and printed film due to ink difference. Therefore, IFFA provides a safer choice - pre-engraved cylinders (testing cylinders). Testing cylinders are the same as custom cylinders but with much samller engaved area. The cost of testing cylinders is lower than custom cylinders. Most important of all, sample film is available and the colors will be almost the same as custom cylinders. So this becomes a great option for the customers plan to develop custom images with multiple colors or wide cylinders since the custom cylinders cost is very high.


IFFA also provides digital printing service to print out any image on water transfer printing film by special plotters. This option is fast and economical. Nevetheless, the colors and transfer printing effects are not as good as those of traditional hydro-graphic film due to the limitation of plotters. If the customers just want to test how the designs will look like roughly but do not care about color accuracy, digital printing will be a good choice.