Activating Device

Compared to manual spraying, IFFA's activating device sprays activator more evenly. This is optional for manual tanks.


Activating Device


Dipping Arm

The dipping arm can reduce the risk of unstable human operation. This is also optional for manual tanks.


Dipping Arm


Air Knife Dryer

The air knife dryer contains vapor filter and air knife. It enhance the drying to shorten the waiting time before laying in the oven. This is optional for both types of IFFA washers.

Washing-Dryer width=

Washing Dryer


Stand Type Dryer


Humidity Control Box

Water transfer printing film is very sensitive to the humidity of environment. The humid conditions damp hydrographic film and affect the film's properties and performance. Putting the film ready to work in IFFA's humidity control box can keep its good operability.


Humidity Control  Box


Spray Gun

With more than 30 years of surface coating, Cheng Chang Hsing recommends the spray guns with excellent atomization (breaking up bulk liquids into droplets). In general, customers also purchase our recommended spray guns together with IFFA's manual tanks.


Spraying Gun


Pure Water Filter


Pure  Water  Filter