IFFA provides hydrographic solutions to customers across many sectors within commercial markets.


Aviation & Automobiles

The automotive interior is the mainstream of the water transfer printing market. In addition to car dashboards, automotive trim and entire all-terrain vehicles are usually applied to water transfer printing. Besides, the number of airlines kept growing steadily in the decades. Therefore, more and more airlines started to decorate their aircrafts' interior, such as dining tables and wall panels of business class, to attract more high-end consumers. Water transfer printing becomes an important method for the decoration.


Cubic printing is popular for athletic shoes, (rain) boots and women's heels. Precisely, cubic printing is the most ideal method to decorate shoe sholes and even the only method to decorate heels because of the depth.

Constructions & Homes

Fluid imaging brings more colors to many necessities (e.g. appliances, cupboards, chair's foot, hair dryers, lamps' covers and bases, shower heads, tissue boxes) and interior decoration materials (e.g. cornices, flooring). With IFFA's K6 ink, hydro dipping can even decorate outside builing materials and performs excellently.


Immersion printing adorns a lot of merchandise in our life to increae its value. That can be electronics (e.g. keyboards, mouses, camera covers, phone covers, game controllers), sporty goods (e.g. bike helmets, skateboards, tennis rackets) or living goods (clocks, desk tidies, hardshell backapcks, luggage cases, stem tools).