The 9th Thailand International Auto Parts & Accessories Show 2020 (TAPA 2020)

Auto Accessories/Petroleum /Lubricants/Maintenance Products/Tools/Dies & Machine/Vehicle
Repair, Maintenance & Services/IT & Management

【Exhibition Date】 3 – 5 Seprember 2020 , 6  Seprember 2020

【Exhibition Venue】EH 101 – 104, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand.

【Exhibition motivation】:

Introduction of IFFA Water Transfer Printing Film>> IFFA-CCH provide professional film materials. Through transfer processing, pattern designs decorate car appearance and interior. Products with IFFA decoration not only look natural and elegant but also enhance product values. Our Wood grain, Stone, Marble, and Technological Carbon Fiber are so popular to apply on vehicles decoration such as steering wheel/central console/water tank /glove compartment / instrument panel / hand-brake/ radiator grille.

P-Series is the one we launched especially for vehicle factory. Our premium ink has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and contains pearly-lustre that different angles with different effects.