【IFFA】 2019 Digital Camouflage Royalty  NEW PATTERNS 

CCH- IFFA has launched our new patterns for Water Transfer Printing Film: Digital camouflage with snake skin grain.  Suitable for a wide applications. Contact us for more information!.

彩衣IFFA 近日開發了數款獨家設計的水轉印膜,以數位迷彩搭配蛇紋,可以廣泛運用在各式產品中。有興趣的客戶,歡迎直接聯繫我們。

Digital Water Transfer Printing Blank Flim is a request by demand. It allows customers who have their own digital printing machines to print their Water Transfer Printing Film in their own workshops. Therefore, they save the time from cylinder development and become more efficient.

CCH has collected our film patterns in the sample kit. Many of the patterns are most welcomed by our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have a need of a physical sample kit to demonstrate. You are also very welcome to refer our online  patterns for your applications.    

Digital Water Transfer Printing Film is a high functional hydrographic film through the process of electronic digit. Without the traditional engraving process, customers can apply desired pattern onto water transfer printing film through the professional  digital output. The digital process is not only more economic but also efficient; therefore, it is very welcomed by our customers worldwide. ...

The latest INS/IMD in-mold surface decoration gives your product a exquisite,high-quality and modern look! Please contact  us for more information!...

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