The Classification of IFFA's Hydro-graphic Film

IFFA's water transfer printing film is calssified by different ink types. The most common ink is K1, adopted when IFFA started printing water transer printing film and continuously used until today. Customers can choose proper ink to print all of IFFA's patterns based on their needs. However, applying different types of ink will bring different visual effects even though the cylinders are the same. In general, if customers have no preference, IFFA usually prints film by K1 ink. IFFA also have more inventory of film printed by K1 ink.

※ General Ink (K1)

K1 is the standard ink with longest history in IFFA (Cheng Chang Hsing Industrial Company Limited).



※ Non-curling Ink (K2)

Film printed with K2 ink does not curl on the edge. This enhances the convenience of operation. However, some colors are limited to express well with K2 ink, such as metallic colors.


※ Outdoor Ink (K6)

IFFA offers specific Water Transfer Printing film for outdoor applications. Our K6 weather-resistant ink with PVDF final coating can reach 5000 hours QUV test without failing, test executed by SGS. It is very promising for products that have to be exposed to outdoors for a long time.



※ Premium Automotive Grade Ink (P Series)

Launched in 2016 by IFFA. P series is the automotive grade ink with special brilliance and outstanding heat-resistant effect.


※ Digital Hydro-graphic Ink

IFFA can print hydrographic film with modified plotter and digital hydro-graphic ink. It doesn't require cylinders. However, the digital hydrographic ink does not perform as well as the traditional ink. Therefore, we suggest that the customers use this service only for custom production or pre-test (prototype) of cylinder development to decrease the risk. If you want to know more details about the quality it can achieve, please contact us.